Asymmetric coatings for lablet supercaps Y3 WP5: RUBa, UOG

MnO2-MnO2symmetric supercapacitors were extended to asymmetric materials to improve the working voltage and capacitance. 

Several materials were investigated for use with the MnO2system. Fe3O4 (as proposed in [1]) showed a large voltage window however there were problems with the fabrication process and unwanted Fe particles precipitating on the lablets. 

A polypyrrole (Ppy) alternative [2] was investigated with greatly improved results for deposition onto lablets. Figures 1 A and B show the cyclic voltammograms of the MnO2-Ppy asymmetric supercap at increasing voltage windows and also good stability over 200 cycles. C shows the precise alternating deposition of MnO2and Ppy on the power lines of the supercaps. 

Figure 1.Asymmetric coatings with MnO2and Ppy for lablet supercar. A,B Cyclic voltammograms showing expanded potential range. C. Coatings applied asymmetrically to interdigital structures on CMOS2 lablets.

The final deposition finish of the films was also improved using reduced graphene oxide (RGO) as an additive to the Ppy [3]. Finally Ppy was also added to the MnO2supercapacitor to increase longevity of the material and increase conductivity. The new Ppy/MnO2-Ppy-RGO asymmetric supercapacitor system was found to show lower capacitance when combined with Na2SO4as the electrolyte. These new asymmetric films have an estimated capacitance of around 400 F/m2which is in the same region as the MnO2-MnO2symmetric supercapacitors, however the new materials have a greater working voltage, up to 1.4 V. 

The final optimised system replaced the 1 M Na2SO4electrolyte with 1 M KNO3for the final fabrication conditions. (publication pending)

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